the last karez digger (poem)

 life at the zero point, centre of the universe

water on the burning water, blood inside capillary

kariz is labour, track of civilization, heart of uyghur

my source is god mountain, my horizon is turfan

man of yuanmou, beijing or kokturk

name of the girl is rose, boy is soul, and I am brother dursun

tong su of yarnaz, sadır the kashgartsy wrestler

great love of eurasia, the silk road connecting me to you

rice, tea, grape, sparkle, torch, my two eyes

I searched for my roots in the oil lamp in kariz, we need peace

“sons and daughters are all one heart at the storm time”

they are bonding the new wall and the last kariz by dancing

kariz beauty arzugül sing a mulan song, lake on the moon

the blue bird dying during morning sport! do not call me, my sky is empty

neither wine of kariz nor slanting eye

taoist shaman mother is dancing for harvest, what a lovely tile

68phoenix with golden wings bit the tiger in north savannah

I looked down on from altays, to the dream fire, hunter was shot

he was washed in a pot, burnt and his ashes were flown to sky

in the darkness of river I watered my blue horse, my night was calmed down

the last kariz: ancestor tracks, thousands of flowers bloom in the cem ceremony- lovers

almond eyed badegül, honey leaks from words, sorrow is bairam

eye of my heart bled, I cried inside and melted gram by gram

why we need captivity, I am free; each chain is a broken arm


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