FIDEL CRIED OF POEM (for Fidel Castro)



ours was a smart revenge

a picture of peace and love

the half blood princess of caribbean

poor and happy in a light harvest,

in a mortar, in mid air- havana cigar

talismanic-hermetic rebel molasses

 manes of freedom, prince of loyalty

serene sound of beginning and ending

a missing tale, not a utopia

the story of our fidel

the black fate of golden africa

vulture fodder is mary of the sudan

the children of felluca resistant to death

palestinian ali defies tanks with stones

how many springs passed since the last peace?

a mother branded her face, a glowing heart her hand

he sniffed and kissed the burnt babies – fidel cried

their intuitions would rebound- tears of homeless time

plentiful and fertile earth – as white as a mother’s milk

tattoos on children’s faces came alive

they measured feeling and patience on the verge of death

silent scream echoed in cosmos- stars burnt out

zigzaggy death machine-yankee relied on dollar

fidel touched the voice of living babies and cried

demon of hell, crook and killer- fright and ravage

dervish deserving heaven- hero of silence- honour of orphans

where are hope, happiness and human pride

gene asylum- pentagon, blood museum of the west on the cross

a horny glowed hurricane- coming is a steed at full gallop

the last hope of the resurged children

the redeemer, brought into existence by time

snow setting fire to white rose of triumph

divine hand killing the fire of death

I do not want to cry for the dead

you also do not cry for them fidel!

“cuba is not far” dursun özden

12.12.1996   ;  04.12.2016  la habana

Yoruma kapalı.

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