Meriem. Where is My Meriem? (Poem)


meriem, my meriem turned to steam and blew away

whatever moving like a head, a body and a leg

naphtha rained in nephte and being a human was a quilt

olive eyed children at only one, dying without living,

will be come back to life again

the black snake coiled up the baby clothes

a fainted owl howls in the empty cradle

hawks, vultures and uncle sam flocked

our next-door neighbour wrestles with the death, on the verge

the shadow of the smart bomb changed his way

new pharaohs live on blood from a red cup

the unbalanced world is at the blind point of the horizon

roses of blood blossom in karbala and my heart was petrified

hell is frozen; heaven is thawed

a stark naked blood rain fell onto the desert hot and rocks

I am hunting for my mind so that I can sacrifice it to the truncated head

I loved you; I felt you through your eyes

coal eyed meriem do not leave me

hey tired and offended gods! come down to the human level

stop the death! stop dollar and yen

dirty dollar greening in screams and cries

that anger and revival suffocate you too

be parched in the embers of a baby

your full son milks blood in your own self

the republic of men

ayon oros – the garden of mary

vaccination for death, elixir is in tear bottle

my meriem, do not cry my daughter! do not cry

do not wear blacks! do not wound my heart

your mum wants love not a bomb and a broom

let us stand in love; you know angels do not cry

should there be heavenly justice and holy men

under the dead turning to soil, above the sky

an aching scream echoes from the graveyard

“meriem! meriemti! where is my meriem…”


*This poem was dedicated to one-year-old Meriem pulled into pieces by American bombs in her mother’s embrace and dying in April 6, 2003.


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