black train-the brave son of the crazy wind

how many tunnels you passed reaching freedom

the fire feeling cold is my destiny linking to winter

I am in love with the ant with black eyes

The snake winds its own light when in love

lost, orphan, destitute and savage

fire, revival and grief are out of love

lamster, stormy cry and the heart of a yuruk

mehmet is an orphan; inn is his light, sweat and marquee

seker pinar- the spring full of red blood

we drink kumis smelling aniseed and blood

the last quake coming through the past

die and rest in that mystical fission

orisons to ülgen in the cosmic journey,

he was both yılmaz1 and ali2, and also rızayev

pointing through the front sight, rear sight and eye- single target

sergeant hasbi, his flintlock and nacre mauser

best arcane was his speech; the first love and the last hope

the bullet striking even flying; the first hunt and the last joy

why is our load so heavy and divine?

391 chests, the confidant treasure, were trusted to us

alpagut bey and mufti bahattin of revolutionaries

felt bekir-fire ahmet-gerent adil aral

bouncer sergeant suleyman -little aga

mirali bey and inspector hilmi of beyagıl

“a girl escaped to adana, have you seen?”

asparagus- the holy fire of juniper

sickness- evil spirits- negative energy is out

shamanic journey, vineyard house- house of trance

anatolia with an ember heart, homeland of turks

spike- abundance- shining face- ember for heart

my oath is my first love- others shot my last shiver

my destiny, my broken instrument, my breath and neyzen

my mother with her majestic suffering- magician of poetry- fire wolf

locomotive making for the blind dream of night

here comes the train, it is welcome my sweat heart

laced kerchief- the road connecting foreign lands to homeland

hey stoker one more shovel- love is an ember

as it got heated, wet rails vaporized and vanished

bolkar took fire, on somewhere available in ulukısla please

I got fresh and healed in ciftehan-love tune

red rooster of koçak, lulu house full of silver and nobel metal

fresh spring, caykavak passage and sansar beli

the bridal crown varda bridge, gulek-belemedik

which one is running, the road or the houses- never known

silent cry of a frog, grey partridge in karagol
a nixie in cinigol; wedding and merriment in tarbaz
oh neriman! the belt of a wrestler, the first love

the first to kiss the full moon is cherry red and apple purple
altai is red- vintage festival-alpagut save us
it is a bowl of ayran and a patty time, and poetry

ataturkiye- the love competent great pavilion

-okuz mehmet pasha caravanserai
flag of the god- flower of dawn- fresh water is for all
three hundred studs, hundred and seventy houses

son of riza, ethem of ulukısla was only fifteen- died a martyr
lip print of the lost city, centipede lays its eyes on the lowland
wolverine steeped in an old love- hittite sun, aktoprak

on the manes of the scarlet horses of fire, a thousand riders and divine shaman
ah anatolia is my homeland, nigde is my heart and I die for Ulukısla

dursun ozden



  1. plucky
  2. exalted
  3. end-blown flute player


Yoruma kapalı.

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